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RIOS1931 - Oswald Riemer
The materials required for the creation of the watch straps are selected with a trained eye and a high level in diligence. They utilise only the highest grades of leather available. You may be assured to only obtain luxury products of the highest reliability, quality and longevity by purchasing a RIOS 1931 watch strap.

Their goods are produced according to the traditional rules of strap making in elaborately handwork. The manufacturing of the watch straps is very time consuming. Careful consideration is given when choosing materials, which are beneficial to the environment and close to nature - unique goods instead of bulk goods. A watch strap from RIOS1931 is your own individual image statement in an increasingly standardised world of mass produced products.

Their premises in Germany ensure that quality standards are consistently maintained. Today they still train their employees in their factory in Augsburg. During their job training period, which takes place over several years, they acquire high skills, which are a precondition for the manufacturing of a RIOS1931 watch strap.
Made in Germany
Made in Germany
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